We Resist, Dog Gets Ribs - Day 26

Frugal Foods
(Everyone Gets Spoiled Today)

Snack - Donut Pudding Bake and Milk

Snack - Donut Pudding Bake and Milk

It's hard to write about frugal meals when you go out to eat. We lolly-gagged around the house this morning. We had coffee. I checked some things online. And had more coffee. I printed out our "To Do" lists for the week. We had more coffee. We talked about breakfast. I could have gotten up and actually made breakfast. But, instead, we had more coffee. Morning was slipping away.

It's Sunday and we are going to church this afternoon. We're definitely going to need something solid to eat before we go. If we don't, I'll get a throbbing headache and get grumpy -- neither good for church attendance. We muddle around and finally decide to go to a local Mexican restaurant for an early lunch.

Breakfast: Coffee

Lunch: Senior Poncho's Mexican Restaurant. I am a big fan of Mexican food, and Senior Pancho's is the best Mexican reatuarnt in town. But today, I felt like having a hamburger and fries. The hamburger and fries at Senior Poncho's are also the best in town. So, that's what I had. It comes with a lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion garnish that is more substantial than dinner salads at some restaurants. Bob had the carnitas, which come with rice, beans, and tortillas. He also had some of my fries. Enough of them that he didn't want to finish his meal. So, we had some nice pieces of pork carnita meat to bring home. We'll use them in something in the next couple of days. While I know staying home and fixing lunch would have been cheaper, I'm glad we went out

to eat. We enjoyed the food and entertainment value of the meal.

Snacks: Homemade donut pudding and milk. The donut pudding is made out of donuts that I pulled from the freezer. It's similar to old-fashioned bread pudding. But, instead of using stale bread, I used stale donuts. I cut back on the sugar. The last time I made this, it was still too sweet. So, this time, I used fewer donuts and added in a couple slices of bread. The recipe? Eggs, milk, raisins, cinnamon, vanilla, a pinch of salt, and donuts and/or bread.

The big challenge that we met today in this no grocery shopping for a month experiment was ... not grocery shopping. Church is close to the local grocery store. The one that has the best meat and best meat prices. They also most always have a big cart of marked-down produce. And, they often have yogurt highly discounted. They did again today. We resisted. We bought NeeMo the dog some bones and that was it.

Yes, the dog is spoiled. He's 15 years old. We've been spoiling him since he joined our family. But now that he is going blind, going deaf, and slowing down, we're spoiling him even more. He likes bones. Especially rib bones. With meat on them. We get out of church about the time the grocery store puts what's left in their deli case on sale. They often have packages of marked-down ribs. We bought him a package. Frugal? Worth every penny!

Let's see what we can come up with tomorrow, for Day 27 of the no grocery shopping challenge.


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