Turkey Bacon for Thrifty Breakfast

Coleen - the Frugal Food Editor
(Turkey Bacon - A Cheap Breakfast Meat)

Turkey Bacon Breakfast

Turkey Bacon Breakfast

Turkey bacon. Hmmm. In our local grocery store, turkey bacon is about half the price of ordinary bacon. And, this particular package was on a Manager's Special sale, making it particularly inexpensive.

Today's breakfast was turkey bacon, fried eggs, hash brown potato patties, toasted whole-wheat buns, tangerines, milk, and coffee. Overall, it was a frugal breakfast. Every single item was bought on sale for a reduced priced.

Now, back to that turkey bacon. Fresh out of the package, it looks like multi-colored bologna. Most of it is a darker pink color. There's a stripe through it that is a lighter color, presumably to resemble the fat in ordinary pork bacon.

This product had the texture of bologna sandwich meat. It looked like bologna. It tasted like bologna. The main difference I could see was the shape. Instead of a round bologna slice, this was a strip, complete with a scalloped edge, to look like bacon.

I sometimes fry bologna for breakfast. So, we were okay with this. It worked fine. As a frugal breakfast meat alternative, we had no complaints.

But, if you have a yearning for bacon, I don't think the turkey bacon will do. It just doesn't have the taste or the texture.

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