Today's Frugal Meals

Breakfast: Meat, Eggs, Fresh Fruit, Wam Honey Biscuits
(Lunch: Burgers, Bakers, Creamy Corn, Crunchy Bells)

Fried Eggs and Bologna, Fresh Pineapple, Bisuits

Fried Eggs and Bologna, Fresh Pineapple, Bisuits

Greetings, Frugal Foods friends! Today, Coleen’s cruisin’ kitchen is near Concan, Texas. That’s on the western side of Texas Hill Country. We’re about 85 miles west of San Antonio.

We’re starting this off with a hodge-podge of thriftiness from today’s meals. Lots of little savings add up to big savings.

Today’s Frugal Breakfast

Fried bologna, fried eggs, pan-toasted biscuits with butter and honey, fresh pineapple spears, milk, and coffee with real cream.

Fried bologna is one of the cheapest breakfast meats there is. Oh, I know it is not the healthiest choice. But, I believe in balance and moderation. Bologna is inexpensive, convenient, easy to prepare, we like the taste of it. And, we had three slices left in the refrigerator. So, fried bologna it was! The brand? I don’t know – whatever was on sale the day we bought it.

Eggs! Another inexpensive protein. We don’t buy many groceries that aren’t on sale. Eggs is one of those exceptions. Even when not on sale, they are economical and nutritional bargains.

Pan toasting leftover biscuits does wonders for them. These were leftover from dinner last night. I buttered them lightly, then added them to the same frying pan I used for browning the meat and frying the eggs. We served them with warmed honey.

I used to think fresh pineapple was expensive. Not anymore. We watch for it to go on sale. Per serving, it is less expensive than canned pineapple. My husband butchers them and cuts them into spears.


milk and hot coffee (with a splash of real cream!) are standards with our breakfasts.

Today’s Frugal Lunch

Hamburger patties with sautéed onions, baked potatoes with butter, cream style corn, raw green bell pepper strips, and milk.

Family sized packages of ground beef were on sale. When I fried up burgers for today’s lunch, I did the entire package. Some of the extra burgers went in the fridge, and the others went in the freezer.

Eating onions is supposed to have all sorts of health benefits. I hope so; maybe they will balance out the bologna! We like them and eat a lot of them.

Potatoes are another one of those nutritional and economical bargains. There are so many ways to fix them. Today, we opted for quick and easy microwave baking. And, yes, we top them with real butter – not margarine.

Nothing special about the canned cream style corn. It was store brand, bought on sale.

The price of green bell peppers varies considerably from one part of the country to the next. Here in Texas, they are inexpensive. A bell pepper costs less here than a can of store brand vegetables bought on sale. I wash them and cut them into strips. They add a fresh, colorful, sweet, and crunchy element to most any meal.

Today’s Frugal Supper

The plan is to look in the fridge and see what I can find. I expect it’s going to be hamburger patties, pinto beans, and assorted raw vegetables.

Yours in thriftiness,

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