Each Thrifty Food Tip Here Can Free Up Money to Use for Something Else

Put a thrifty food tip to use and watch your food savings grow. The money you save being frugal in the kitchen can be buy other things you need -- or want. Free up those dollars for something else.

Freeze Bread to Keep It Fresh

One of the joys of homemade bread is that it has no artificial preservatives. That, however, means it will get moldy quickly if left at room temperature. Putting it in the refrigerator will keep it fresh longer -- but it will also dry it out. Bread a little on the dry side is okay for toast, but not so good for sandwiches. The answer is to freeze it overnight, the first day you bake it. Remove it from the freezer the next morning. It will thaw and taste fresh. And, it won't mold nearly as quickly.


Chicken Breasts – Cook Up a Batch for Frugal Convenience Food

Chicken breasts are one of those foods that look expensive at first glance, but are actually thrifty. Buy a family size bag of them and cook them all up at once. And there you have convenience food! Thrifty chicken breasts.


Use It All

Save parts of food items that you don't eat for other uses -- feeding birds, pet treats, compost pile, or potpourri (citrus rinds, apple peels).


Use Prepared Foods in Two Ways

Use what's left of one thing to make another. Example: The horseradish and cream cheese spread you used along with thin sliced ham to make roll ups for appetizers. Add some crumbled bacon or bacon bits to what is left. Then, use it to stuff celery logs.


Take a Break Before the Second Meal

Eating leftovers doesn't mean you have to eat the same thing two days in a row. We routinely cook something today, take a break from it tomorrow, and then eat it again the day.


Specially Marked Packages

Watch for specially marked packages. These are the ones that have a lower than normal or special price printed right on the package. Or, they may be a special size, where it is printed on the package that you get an extra amount free.


Label Your Freezer Containers

End the quandary of not knowing what is stashed in those Tupperware containers in the freezer. Use a white board marker to label them. Write right on the lid, noting what is inside and the date. For example: Chile 5/22/09. The marking will wash off the lid when you do dishes.


Grab and Go with Cold Cereal

Grab a couple handfuls of dry cereal to eat first thing in the morning. Or, for a mid-afternoon snack. There's no prep. There are no dishes or other clean-up. It's quick and easy -- and nutritious. We usually opt for Cheerios-style Os or Chex-type squares. Their larger size makes them easy finger foods.


When Non Perishable Foods You Use Are On Sale, Buy Extras

One way to make your food dollars go further is to stock up on groceries that are on sale. If you are barely getting by, try squeezing in even one or two extra items, such as an extra can of vegetables when they are on sale. If your budget allows, buy an extra case if it is a good sale -- and if it is an item you will use before it goes bad.

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