The No Grocery Shopping Challenge Begins - Day 1

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(Cleaning Up and Clearing Out the Food Reserves )

Breakfast - Turkey Bacon, Eggs, Black Beans, Potato Planks, Tortillas, and Oranges

Breakfast - Turkey Bacon, Eggs, Black Beans, Potato Planks, Tortillas, and Oranges

Our month of not buying groceries has officially begun. Is it a coincidence that this is April 1 -- otherwise known as April Fool's Day? Perhaps this is a foolish experiment. Perhaps going through our food supply and eating up the aging reserves is a good idea. But sharing our menus with the world?

Not much of a challenge today. Food in the refrigerator is layered, stacked one thing on top of the other, because the shelves are full. Last week Bob had trouble getting a loaf of bread into the freezer. But, that's the reason to do this project -- to clean up and clear out.

Breakfast: Fried eggs, turkey bacon, black beans, corn tortillas, oranges, milk, and coffee. (The oranges didn't make it into the picture.)

Lunch: Enchilada casserole, whole kernel corn, black beans, green bell pepper strips, milk.

Snacks: Orange juice, cashews, and Ruby Red grapefruit sections.

It's typical for us to eat two main meals a day. We call one breakfast, though it is often late morning. The other, we tend to call lunch, though we normally eat it in the late afternoon or early evening.

A note about the turkey bacon: We bought it on sale. Cheap. The first time we had it, it was okay. Tasted more or less like fried bologna. Today? Not so good. Not sure if aging a couple weeks in the freezer affected it or what. But, it had an old taste. It also became tough. NeeMo (the dog) ate well. He ate that that I had fixed us this morning. And, I fried up the rest of the package, which we will give him as treats throughout the week. It takes him longer to chew through a slice of it than it does the chew bones we buy him. Like I said, for some reason that turkey bacon is just plain tough.

Let's see what we find for tomorrow.


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