The Last of the Oranges and Tangerines - Day 11

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(Another Grocery Store Temptation Resisted)

The Fresh Fruit Bowl

The Fresh Fruit Bowl

This is the end of the fresh oranges and tangerines. When we started the month of no grocery shopping, the fruit bowl in the photo was heaped with citrus fruit. We had a mix of white, pink, and Ruby Red grapefruits, plus oranges and tangerines. Today, we ate the last orange and the last tangerine.

For fresh fruit, I think that leaves us with two grapefruit. We do have an assortment of canned and dried fruit. Remember the purpose of this project is to eat up the aging food reserves. We have canned fruit that we've had for three years.

We were at the grocery store this morning to get business supplies. The marked-down produce bin was stacked full of oranges, grapefruit, limes, and bananas, along with bags of red, green, and yellow apples. It would have been so easy to get some; we didn't.

Breakfast: Refried beans and cheese gorditas, a tangerine and an orange, and milk.

One can of refried beans makes six gorditas. We each ate two. The other two went into the freezer. They'll be handy some day when we're particularly rushed.

Snacks: Coffee and donuts, cranberry and grape juice, and peanuts.

This evening we ate at Dairy Queen.

Let's see what we come up with tomorrow, for Easter.


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