The First Trip to the Grocery Store - Day 3

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(Thanks to Bob, All Is Well)

Breakfast - Black Bean Gorditas and Tangerines

Breakfast - Black Bean Gorditas and Tangerines

Coffee and donuts at the local bakery, The Moose Is Loose, is a social outing for us. Tourists from all over rave about the The Moose's apple fritters. Bob's partial to their Persians. I toggle between the custard filled with maple frosting and the chocolate donuts with chocolate frosting. We go there to visit friends and catch up on local news. It costs much less than going out for a regular breakfast. Not really a meal, lets call it a pre-breakfast snack.

Today was errand day. Besides stopping at The Moose Is Loose for donuts and coffee, we picked up our mail and stopped at a garage sale. And, we went to the grocery store.

We needed milk, which we bought. It is the one exception we are making this month of no grocery shopping. I was expecting the store to have all sorts of tempting deals that I wouldn't want to leave behind. It would have been easy to add a bag of apples from the reduced priced produce bin to the cart. Alone, I probably would have; I mean who could fault me for buying fresh fruit? Bob had better resolve. Besides the milk, we bought dog and cat chow, and cat litter.

Breakfast: Refried black bean and sharp cheddar cheese gorditas, salsa, tangerines, and milk. A while back, the local thrift bakery had cases of gordita tortillas on sale. You'll see them on our menu frequently.

Lunch: Homemade lasagna casserole, French style green beans, tangerines, garlic toast, and milk. One more container out of the freezer -- the pasta, it was leftover and froze a couple weeks back. Now, though, I have half a large carton of cottage cheese in the fridge that I will need to use within the next day or two.

Snacks: Bakery donuts and coffee, orange juice, turkey jerky.

Note on the burritos: Quick and easy, cheap, reasonably nutritious, and we like them...something stuffed into a tortilla is a go-to staple for us. We use store-bought tortillas, usually whatever kind the thrift bakery has on sale. I like to make up burritos and freeze them. That way, they are ready for a quick "heat and eat" meal. I stuff them with whatever, oftentimes leftovers.

Let's see what we come up with tomorrow.


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