Steamed Rice, Eggs, and Italian Sausage Breakfast

Coleen - the Frugal Food Editor
(A Thrifty Breakfast You Can Make Sweet or Savory)

Thrifty Breakfast of Steamed Rice, Italian Sausage, and Scrambled Eggs

Thrifty Breakfast of Steamed Rice, Italian Sausage, and Scrambled Eggs

Steamed rice, grilled Italian sausage, scrambled eggs, toast, milk, and oranges for our frugal breakfast this morning. Even at full prices, it would have been a reasonably priced meal. But, we snagged everything on sale.

Rice makes a good alternate starch for breakfast. We've been having a lot of oatmeal and cream of wheat lately, and were ready for a change. I had cooked the rice yesterday to have with home-made gumbo. So it was quick and easy to nuke some of the leftover rice to go with this breakfast.

Bob turned his rice into a sweet dish, adding Watkins cinnamon to it. Watkins cinnamon is sweet enough that he didn't need to add sugar. I took my meal on a more savory turn, with hot sauce on the rice and on the eggs.

While we sometimes get good deals on rice at Asian grocers, this bag was on sale at a warehouse grocery. Not a membership store, but just a no-frills, warehouse grocery store.

The Italian sausage was marked down to half-price at our regular supermarket in town. I don't know why. It still had a good date. Perhaps they just had too much of it. We bought half a dozen packages and stocked the freezer. When I cook it, I boil it first, then grill it until it is browned up -- probably overcooked, but that is how we like it. I did extra this morning, so we'll have Italian sausage and pasta tomorrow for lunch. And, I cooked enough to freeze some for quick meals later.

The eggs were on sale, with a store coupon. The oranges came from the reduced-for-quick-sale produce bin. The toast was day-old hamburger buns. The local store often has milk at half-price, with good dates. so, that rounds out this frugal breakfast.

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