Oatmeal Is Supposed to Stick with a Person - Day 17

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(The Canned Cream Corn Story)

Breakfast - Oatmeal, Sausage, and Fruit

Breakfast - Oatmeal, Sausage, and Fruit

They say oatmeal is great for breakfast because the whole grain and fiber in it sticks with you. You are supposed to feel satisfied for hours. Not me. I like oatmeal. But, it just doesn't have that staying power. I was hungry all day.

Breakfast: Oatmeal, sausages, fruit, milk, and coffee. The fruit was a mix of leftover canned pineapple, peaches, and pears. The sausages were from the same batch as yesterday, hot Italian. The oatmeal was genuine, ordinary oatmeal, not the little packages of instant. Again, today, we had evaporated milk, not cream, in our morning coffee.

A large canister of regular oatmeal is so much cheaper than the individual serving packets. The directions may say to cook it at length -- I don't bother. I microwave water until very hot, stir in the old-fashioned oatmeal, and let it sit for a while. I'll sometimes add fruit or spices. Today, I added a handful of raisins to the water before I heated it. At the table, we added cinnamon and maple syrup. Bob found a packet of chopped peanut topping that came with a McDonald's sundae, and added that to his.

Lunch: Chicken breast and gravy, potatoes, canned creamed corn, Blues Bread toast, dried apricots, and milk. The chicken was from yesterday. We're out of fresh potatoes; these were canned.

I pulled the gravy from the freezer. It was leftover from something in January. I cannot recall the history of the gravy, but it was in a Tupperware container labeled, "Gravy 1/15." Yes, it is fine to freeze gravy. I know some of the "experts" say it cannot be done. But, I do it routinely. After it thaws, I partially heat it,

then give it a good stir, then heat it until hot, then stir again. The heating and stirring makes it smooth again.

The Blues Bread came out of the freezer, too. The label indicates it is rolled in blue cornmeal. It's good bread, with a variety of whole and cracked seeds and grains. But, neither of us can taste the cornmeal. We buy it when the local thrift bakery has it on sale cheap.

Snacks: Beef stix, pecan pie and milk, hot tea, chocolate ice cream with warm brandy caramel sauce. Lots of snacks today!

Note on canned creamed corn: Growing up on a Minnesota farm, we ate a lot of home-grown vegetables. Oftentimes, they were creamed. That meant making a home-made white sauce and pouring it over the cooked vegetables. My mother was usually gone, so from the time I was 10, when my older sister went off to college, I did most of the cooking. Mother would sometimes leave a menu of what she wanted me to fix. The first time the menu indicated "creamed corn," I prepared it the same way as I had been taught to make creamed carrots, creamed peas, creamed green beans, creamed asparagus, creamed onions.... I carefully made a velvety smooth white sauce and poured it over whole kernel corn. When my mother returned for dinner, she was horrified to discover what I had done. Mother was never into food that varied from her norm, and this was definitely not what she wanted or expected. To this day, when referring to the creamed-style corn that comes in cans, I specify "canned creamed corn" rather than just saying "creamed corn."

Let's see what we come up with tomorrow.


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