Not Enough Ribs - I'll Have Bolgona! - Day 15

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(Finishing Up a Few More Things)

Breakfast - With Ribs

Breakfast - With Ribs

You'll notice we're having two different meats this morning. Bob's having the last chunk of ribs. He likes them a lot more than I do, so he gets them. I'm having bologna. It was in the fridge and easy.

Breakfast: Fried eggs, meat, mixed beans, hash brown patties, toasted bagel, canned pineapple chunks, milk, and coffee.

The mixed beans are leftovers. Part of a can of white beans. Part of a can of baked beans. There weren't enough of either kind for a meal. It seemed logical to mix them.

Some convenience foods are less expensive than the fresh counterparts. The frozen hash brown patties we had for breakfast are one example. Canned pineapple is also less expensive than fresh. This could be because we are in Alaska, where fresh produce is usually high priced.

Lunch: Canned roast beef and gravy, rice pilaf, cauliflower, pickles, toast, and milk. That bought-on-clearance canned beef and gravy is pretty good, and extremely convenient. The rice pilaf came out of the freezer, left over from Easter dinner. The cauliflower was frozen.

This was the last of that jar of pickles. But, "No worries!" as the saying goes. There are two more pickle jars in the fridge. Yes, that's excessive, especially since we have a small refrigerator. There's a reason we are doing this "No grocery shopping for a month" project -- to clean up and clear out just such things as this.

Snacks: Pecan pie and milk, dried cherries.

I took a package of Italian sausages out of the freezer to thaw for tomorrow. I also took some boneless, skinless chicken breasts our to thaw.

Let's see what we can do with them tomorrow.


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