No Grocery Shopping for a Month - Day 4

Breakfast and Lunch Out
(Freshly Made Bread Makes an Extremely Frugal Supper)

Eating Out - Tasty, Fun, Enjoyable -- Not so Frugal

Eating Out - Tasty, Fun, Enjoyable -- Not so Frugal

At this job location, Friday is our day to go to town, run errands, and eat out. We usually buy groceries. Today, we only bought milk. Is eating out frugal? Well, not as cheap as eating at home, certainly. But, we eat out for entertainment.

Today’s Frugal Foods Breakfast

Breakfast was a quick stop at the taco stand. Bob had a bean and bacon taco. I had a potato and chorizo taco. In this part of Texas, breakfast tacos are automatically served on soft, flour tortillas. And hot sauce. Would it have been cheaper to eat tacos at home? Of course.

Today’s Frugal Lunch

Lunch was shared. One half-pound cheeseburger with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, jalapeno peppers, and Hatch green chilies. That came with tater tots. One basket of white meat chicken breast, with a spicy coating, and deep fried. It came with French fries. Again, sure it would have been less expensive to eat at home.

Today’s Frugal Foods Supper

Fresh bread! So fresh it was still warm. Bob made it in the bread machine. It’s black pepper bread! He starts with a basic white bread and adds a generous spoonful of ground black pepper to it. We topped some with peanut butter, some with raspberry preserves, and some simply with butter. Bread and milk. Frugal foods and delicious.


Yours in thriftiness,

P.S. We bought a bread machine at a thrift store, for one dollar. It’s a basic model that’s decades old. But, it works great. Baking bread makes our entire motorhome smell wonderful. So, that’s an added frugal bonus! Because we have the bread machine, we’ll have fresh bread during this month of no grocery shopping.

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