No Grocery Shopping for a Month - Day 1

Getting the Month of Not Buying Groceries Underway
(Enjoying Gifts of Food from Christmas)

Pork and Potato Curry Ready to Cook in the CrockPot

Pork and Potato Curry Ready to Cook in the CrockPot

The first day of our month-long no food shopping challenge is here! Though, we have such a well-stocked fridge and pantry that it was cooking and eating as usual. I did have an urge to clean out the fridge, though. And, I winced as we neared the bottom of the ice cream carton.

Today’s Frugal Foods Breakfast

Oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar, sliced ham, grapefruit sections, and milk. I forgot to take pictures. The oatmeal was regular oatmeal, but we don’t bother to cook it. We simply put the dry rolled oats in serving bowls, add very hot water, and stir. By the time we say our before-meal prayer, the oatmeal is cooked. The ham was the last of what was left from Christmas.

Today’s Frugal Lunch

Smoked beef brisket, potatoes, creamed corn, and milk. The brisket—already cooked, sliced, and ready to eat—was part of a Christmas gift. I wanted to cook a small amount of rice for tomorrow. So, I used the stacking pans for my CrockPot Express electric pressure cooker. The rice cooked in the top pan. The brisket, wrapped in an aluminum packet, and chunked raw potatoes cooked in the bottom. The corn was ordinary canned, creamed corn—not much to say about it except that we did buy it on sale.

Today’s Frugal Foods Supper

I made pork and potato curry for supper. I used up several things from the refrigerator: a piece of leftover pork roast; some cooked carrots that I’d previously frozen; what remained in an almost empty bottle of barbeque sauce; and some sweet pickle juice.

I didn’t follow a recipe for the curry. However, it also contained potatoes, celery, yellow bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, onions, garlic, cumin, coriander, curry powder, a spoonful of flour, and a little brown sugar.

The curry went into the slow cooker this morning, and simmered all day. We served it with the rice that I’d cook along with lunch.

For dessert, we had hot fudge brownie sundaes. We used store-bought vanilla ice cream, topped with the remaining leftover canned frosting, served atop gifted brownies. Nuking canned chocolate frosting in the microwave turns it into hot fudge sauce—but if you try this, heat the frosting in a microwave proof dish, not in the original plastic tub.


Chocolate covered cherries that I received as a Christmas gift.

Yours in thriftiness,

P.S. Our friends know we like to eat! Notice that the smoked beef brisket, the brownies, and the chocolate covered cherries were all Christmas gifts.

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