The No Grocery Shopping Challenge! We’re Eating What We Have on Hand

It’s time for a no grocery shopping challenge. We aren’t going to buy groceries for a month. Instead, we’ll clean out the fridge, the freezer, and the pantry. We’ll clean up, clean out, and be creative. It’s also an excellent way to give the food budget a break! We’ll eat up canned goods that got pushed to the back of the shelf. We’ll make something with those odd ingredients that were so enticing in the store. We’ll find ways to use those food items that just never seem to make it into our meals.

No Grocery Shopping for a Month! A Challenge to Not Buy More Food

We enjoy grocery shopping, searching out bargains, and stocking up when we find great deals. But, we all know that no matter how inexpensive something is, it isn’t a bargain if it goes bad or otherwise gets wasted. Not buying groceries for a month helps us to rotate through our current food supply.

The idea of this challenge is to eat what we have on hand. It’s easy at first, because we have a good supply of most things. (Though, inevitably, on the first or two, I want something that we don’t have.) As we get further into the month, the menus get more creative!

We are starting this no grocery shopping challenge au natural. We didn’t go out and buy extra groceries beforehand. I know some folks who do similar pantry challenges stock up on baking supplies, fresh produce, or things they particularly like. We didn’t do that. The last time we bought groceries was December 29, and it was very limited—milk, eggs, frozen burritos, and some half-price Christmas goodies (a small bag of candy coated pretzels, a box of mints, and some hard candy).

Something worth noting is that we are not purists. We are doing this exercise for fun, as well as for the thriftiness of it. The idea is to be frugal—not to punish ourselves. We will still buy milk, cream, and ice cream. Before the month ends, there may also be other exceptions.

We’ll officially get started with this no food shopping challenge tomorrow, January 1.

The No Grocery Shopping Challenge Is On!

See what we're eating and how this month of no food shopping is progressing.

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