No Grocery Shopping and Easter Is On It's Way - Day 2

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(This Should Be Easy)

Breakfast - Bacon and Eggs, Fried Potatoes, Bagels, Grapefruit

Breakfast - Bacon and Eggs, Fried Potatoes, Bagels, Grapefruit

The "No Grocery Shopping for a Month" experiment has me thinking about Easter. Specifically, what we won't be having this year. Shrimp cocktail. Crab spread dip. Pastrami and horseradish roll-ups. Fresh asparagus.

It's only day two. This should be easy. But, I find myself thinking about Easter dinner. Maybe we should have shopped for Easter last week. That would have been cheating, though. And, artificially stocking up on things would have defeated the purpose. I'll take a ham out of the freezer, one we bought when it was on sale before Christmas.

Today's breakfast has, thankfully, real bacon. (It's so much better than yesterday's turkey bacon.) Fried potatoes, fried eggs, grapefruit sections, bagels, milk, and coffee complete the meal. As usual, every item served at this meal was bought at reduced prices, on a special sale of some sort.

Today's lunch starts with enchilada casserole planned-over from yesterday. It has pork roast left from that I cooked in the Crock-Pot on Monday. Changed up today with white beans instead of black, and coleslaw instead of corn, this meal doesn't seem like leftovers at all.

I wanted to get at least one bottle or jar out of the refrigerator today. So, I finished off a bottle of sandwich spread, using it instead of a Miracle Whip type salad dressing in the coleslaw. It's the kind of sandwich spread that is a pinky-orange color and has bits of pimento and pickle in it, resembling a very thik Thousand Island salad dressing. It was a good swap. Bob commented that the coleslaw was particularly good!

Snacks: Green tea with lemon juice, beef jerky, and chocolate-fudge cream cheese brownies.

Note about the bagels: These were new-to-us Thomas Limited Edition Maple French Toast Bagels. Slightly sweet, and with the aroma of maple syrup, they were good with breakfast. Not so good that I'd pay full price for them. But, a "Yes!" if the thrift bakery has them on sale again.

Let's see what we come up with tomorrow.


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