National, Name Brand Food in Frugal Meals - Day 22

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(Using Coupons on Mark Down Foods)

Breakfast - Burritos and Mixed Fruit

Breakfast - Burritos and Mixed Fruit

We buy national, name-brand food items when they cost less than the store brand or generic equivalent. Usually, that means they must be on a really good sale, or we have coupons, or they are in the marked-down bin. If we are lucky, it's two, or even three, of those factors.

Such was the case with this Mott's Applesauce that we had for lunch. It was in the mark-down bin. I'm not sure why. It had a good date, not even close to the expiration or "Best by," date. The jars were in good shape, with no dents. The lids were fine, secure and not cracked. The labels were intact. I'm guessing that either the store was discontinuing it or it was coming out in new packaging and they wanted to get the old package design off the shelves. It was marked way down, less than half price. In addition, we had coupons. Stacking those double savings made it cheap. We bought them all! I don't remember exactly how many, but maybe ten or twelve jars.

Breakfast: Burritos with refried black beans, rice, black olives, cheddar cheese, and green chile sauce. Served with mixed fruit, milk and coffee. The mixed fruit is leftover fruit cocktail and leftover Mandarin oranges.

Lunch: Fried cabbage with sliced wieners, served with rice, toast, and applesauce. This is the last of the cabbage. With the exception

of a couple of onions, I think today's lunch is the last of the fresh produce until this month of no grocery shopping challenge ends.

Oops! Make that the "45 Days of No Grocery Shopping" challenge. If you read the entry for Day 20, A Kitchen Challenge from My Husband, you may remember that he suggested we extend this challenge to 45 days. I accepted!

Snacks: Donuts and coffee, golden raisins. These golden raisins are sweeter than regular raisins. Normally, golden raisins are more expensive, but with these, the boxes were crushed, so they were marked down -- we also a national brand (Sun Maid) and we had a coupon for them!

Note on coupons: We aren't coupon extremists. Much of the time, the store brand is less expensive than the national brand, even with the coupon. However, I do clip coupons when I find them. I also regularly check for e-coupons that I can download to my rewards loyalty card for the local grocery store. When something is in the mark down bin or being discontinued, it is then often priced low enough that using the coupon makes it an extra frugal choice. We were able to use coupons for extra savings on both the applesauce and the raisins in today's frugal meals.

Let's see what we come up with tomorrow, for Day 23 of the no grocery shopping challenge.


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