Money Saving Food Tips to Help You Stay Within Your Budget

Use these money saving food tips to spend less. Little savings here and there really add up. Try these hints and helps and see how much easier it is cut your food budget.


Don't Want Leftovers? Recycle

Recycle your dinner. Funny how much difference the term we use makes. A friend won't serve "leftovers." But, she excitedly told me her new strategy for spending less on groceries. She is now recycling in the kitchen and she doesn't mean reusing the grocery bags. She now takes the meatloaf that remains after dinner, cuts it up into chunks, adds a can of spaghetti sauce, and serves it over pasta for the next day's dinner. If she cooks too much pasta, she takes what they don't eat for dinner, adds a can of tuna, sweet pickle relish, and salad dressing -- and has just recycled it into tuna salad for the next day's lunch.


How to Spend More on Food

Want to spend more on groceries? Here's how: Make out a list of what you'd like to eat for the next week, then go to the store and buy what is on that list. Don't stray from it, even if what you want is expensive and something else is a bargain. Don't buy anything extra, not even if it is on a great sale and you know you'll need it next week. Don't make substitutions, not even if the fruit on your list is out of season and expensive and in-season fruit is much cheaper.


Frugal Food Snacks

Five frugal-foods snacks

1. Homemade soup
2. Popcorn
3. Saltine crackers spread with peanut butter
4. Carrot sticks
5. Toast with fruit spread


Keep It Simple

Simple foods are just fine. People tend to complicate things, spending more time and money than necessary. Case in point: We were heading off to the car races and I took along sandwiches for the pit crew. Those that I made in a hurry, with a dab of mustard and a slice of bologna on a hamburger bun, were chosen before the more elaborate ones.


Frugal Gourmet Coffee

Skip the $4.00 a cup coffee. Make your own that is better. Brew up a batch of regular coffee. Add a touch of extract flavoring. Add cream or milk. You have rich tasting cup of joe at a pauper's price.


Coupons Make Dining Out Less Spendy

Use buy-one-get-one-free coupons. These are also known as "two-for-one" coupons. You pay for one restaurant meal and get the second one free. Sometimes the meals must both be the same. Otherwise, you pay for the most expensive one of the two.


Grow Garlic

If you have garlic that is starting to sprout, plant it. Separate it into cloves. Each clove should produce a head of garlic. In the spring and early summer, I plant them outside, and even here in Alaska, they are ready to harvest in the fall. In the fall and winter, they can be planted and kept inside.


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