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(We Eat Bologna! We're Real, Not Ideal)

Breakfast - Bologna Sandwich, Pork and Beans, Grapefruit

Breakfast - Bologna Sandwich, Pork and Beans, Grapefruit

You're probably familiar with "breakfast for dinner." Having eggs, bacon, and toast in the evening isn't all that unusual. For some, it's a pancake and sausage breakfast they have for dinner. Well, at our house, we flip that around and sometimes have "lunch for breakfast."

Breakfast today was an old-fashioned, frugal lunch: bologna sandwiches, pork and beans, fruit, and milk. Cheap. Easy to fix. Things we like. The fruit was grapefruit, a mix of white and pink. The milk was 2% low fat, the only thing in this meal that wasn't on sale.

I'll say right now that I know processed cold cuts aren't the ideal food. We had them on whole-grain, multi-grain, with seeds and nuts, organic bread. Does that balance out, the goodness of the wholesome bread counteracting the processed bologna? Probably not. But, here, we're real, not ideal.

The label on the can has "Pork and Beans." Calling them that always seems silly. They are basically just beans in a flavored tomato sauce. These didn't even have the symbolic lone piece of pork fat. (Every wonder whose job it is to sit on that factory line, centering one cube of pork fat on the top of each filled bean can?)

Today's lunch was planned over lasagna casserole. This time, I served it with homemade coleslaw, raw yellow bell peppers, toast, and milk. The flavors in the casserole actually developed overnight, making this better today than yesterday.

Snacks: Brownies and milk, and hot tea.

By the way, the lunch-for-breakfast is just something we sometimes do. It isn't because we ran out of eggs or breakfast food this early in the no food shopping for a month challenge.

Let's see what we come up with tomorrow, for Easter.


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