Leftovers and a Roadtrip - Day 14

Frugal Foods
(Stuff from the Fridge and a Restaurant Meal)

Supper - Ribs, Beans, and Pears

Supper - Ribs, Beans, and Pears

It's hard to clean out the fridge and eat what you have on hand when you take a road trip and are gone all day. Still, we made good progress.

Breakfast was leftover chicken tenders. They were what was left of those we had for breakfast, yesterday. But, today, we just warmed them in the microwave, and then ate them out of hand.

Lunch was early, and at a Thai restaurant. We were out of town on business. Mid-afternoon, we stopped at a bakery and picked up two decadent treats -- definitely not cheap, but worth the splurge.

We did eat again after we got home. We usually don't eat that late in the evening. But, we were both hungry. We had ribs, more of those from yesterday. Plus some leftover mixed white and baked beans that were in the fridge. I opened a can of pears to go with it. Earlier, I had taken a pecan pie out of the freezer, so we also had pie. And, milk.

The pie was from an after Christmas sale.

I'm to the point where I'm about to grab a container of something from the freezer, and build a meal around it. Tonight, I take out a package of Italian sausage and a container of rice pilaf. We'll have them with something in the coming days.

Let's see what we do with them tomorrow.


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