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Save Grocery Money with Coleen's Cheap Cooking

Frugal meals mean you can save your grocery money for something else. Join me in cheap cooking, with these mostly easy to fix, practical, thrifty menus. Real food eaten by real people.

Corn Chowder: Thick and Satisfying Soup, Topped with Crisp Bacon Corn chowder. Tonight's frugal supper was steaming hot, richly satisfying chowder. I asked my husband what he'd like that included bacon. I knew before he answered. It's his favorite hearty soup.

Sea Stick Scampi: An Easy, Frugal Take on Seafood Scampi Sea Stick Scampi starred as last night's frugal main dish. With leftover pasta, this one comes together in a jiff. It's one of my favorite ways to use imitation crab legs.

Halibut Dinner – Free Food From the Entertainment Budget This halibut dinner includes herbed fish, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. The fish and sweet potatoes come out of the entertainment budget. From the food budget perspective, they are free food.

Enchilada Salad Plate – Frugal, Tasty, Healthy, and Easy Enchilada Salad Plate started with one of those bagged, ready to eat salad kits. We made the most of it by adding Mexican restaurant dinner leftovers. Frugal to the core! Tasty and super healthy, too.

Pork Roast and Vegetables, an Easy to Fix, Frugal Meat and Potatoes Meal Pork roast and vegetables star in tonight's frugal dinner. It's especially good when the "meat and potatoes" crew is tired of casseroles. They don't need to know it is any easy to fix, one pot meal.

Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches – A Classic Frugal Supper Cream of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Tonight's frugal supper is a classic. Some thrifty meals never go out of style and this easy to fix soup and sandwich staple is one of them.

Chicken Melt Sandwiches: Frugal Leftover Chicken, Gooey with Cheese Chicken Melt Sandwiches were the mainstay of today's frugal lunch. Grilled and gooey with cheese, they didn't taste frugal or like leftovers. This whole menu was cheap and easy – and good!

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