Frugal Food Tips -- Easy Ways to Cut Your Food Expenses

Frugal food tips to help you spend less on groceries. Hints to cut your grocery expenses and keep more money in your pocket. Each tip can save you money.


Free Food from the Entertainment Budget

Hobbies and entertainment can supply you with free food. My husband likes fishing, a past-time that puts fish in our freezer. I like decorating for fall – using brightly colored squash, which we later eat. You may like gardening or hunting. While these activities are certainly not free, the cost of doing them comes out of the entertainment budget, not the


Don't Want Leftovers? Recycle

Recycle your dinner. Funny how much difference the term we use makes. A friend won't serve "leftovers." But, she excitedly told me her new strategy for spending less on groceries. She is now recycling in the kitchen and she doesn't mean reusing the grocery bags. She now takes the meatloaf that remains after dinner, cuts it up into chunks, adds a can of spaghetti sauce, and serves it over pasta for the next day's dinner. If she cooks too much pasta, she takes what they don't eat for dinner, adds a can of tuna, sweet pickle relish, and salad dressing -- and has just recycled it into tuna salad for the next day's lunch.


Check Your Receipts

Check your grocery store receipt to see that you are being charged the correct prices -- before you leave the store. Mistakes are common. The store may have the wrong price entered into the computer. Or, they may have forgotten to input the sale prices. If the item needed to be hand entered the cashier could have hit a wrong number. And, in the case of produce, she may mistake one kind of produce for another.


Is That What You Really Meant to Buy

Do you sometimes make the mistake of grabbing the wrong food item? Our local Fred Meyer had Fred Meyer canned vegetables on sale a couple weeks ago. As the receipt was being processed, I noticed that I didn't get the sale price on two of them. Well, it turns out the mistake was mine. I'd grabbed two cans of Green Giant vegetables instead of the store brand. Those two cans were each $1.00 more than the ones I meant to get. I took them to the service desk to exchange them, saving over two dollars. Pay attention to what you actually put into your grocery cart.


Just Because It's on the Web Doesn't Make It True

Don't believe everything you read on a website. Just today, I read that you should never eat leftovers that are more than 24 hours old. I think that is plain and simple nonsense, though it was a good reminder that anyone can post most anything to a website, even if they have no idea what they are talking about.


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