Each Frugal Food Tip Adds Up to Save You a Bunch on Groceries

A frugal food tip is a little thing. But, it can make a huge difference in how much it costs you to feed your family. Use these hints and see how much easier it is to spend less on groceries.

Thrifty Ground Beef

Get the family pack of ground beef. Fry up hamburgers patties one night for dinner. Fry the rest of the burger, breaking it up into pieces as you do. You can keep clean-up to a minimum by using the same pan for both. The scrambled beef is good to use casseroles, tacos, chili, etc.


Frugal Foods from Baked Sales

Sometimes it makes more sense to buy something already made than it does to make it yourself. Case in point are the baked goods from fund raiser bake sales.

At a recent bake sale, I bought a loaf of date nut bread for $1.75. There's no way I could have purchased the ingredients for that price. Coupled with milk, it made a fine and frugal breakfast for us.

You do need to watch, because at some sales, the prices are outrageously high. Many times, though, you can get some frugal deals.


Label Your Frozen Foods

Label the containers you put into your freezer with the date and contents. I use a white board erasable marker. It washes off when I wash the container.


Big Savings Buying Fruit on Sale

How much can you really save by waiting for fresh fruit to go on sale before you buy it?

We bought sweet, dark cherries yesterday. The regular price rang up at over $14. The adjusted to the sale price, they were only about $5.00 That's $9.00 savings on only one item.


Save Money When Buying Meat

Split up "Family Size" or "Economy Size" packages of meat for different uses. Buy the large, family packs of pork chops. Most stores put the pretty ones on top and the not-so-pretty ones underneath. Use those top ones to fry and have with a pork chop dinner. Cook the others in a slow cooker with BBQ sauce or with sauerkraut as you would pork hocks. Or, just cook them and then take the bones and fat out, leaving nice little pieces of great pork that you can use in chile verde, cook with rice, add to casseroles or baked beans, etc.


Morning Mix Cereal

"Morning Mix" -- another name for corn flakes, o's of oats, cinnamon flavored squares, and a few granola clusters all dumped into a large glass jar when the boxes are close to empty. Of course, you can use whatever dry cereals you have. We keep a jar going all the time, adding to it whenever we get close to finishing the box or bag of cereal. When the jar starts to get full, we eat this custom mix instead of opening a new package.


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