Frugal Dinners: Thrifty Meals to Feed Your Family 

Frugal dinners! Fix a thrifty dinner that won't break the budget and that your family will love. These inexpensive and economical meals are easy to fix for dinner and supper.

Wine with Dinner: Even Frugal Folks Enjoy a Bottle of Inexpensive Wine Wine with dinner? We just finished a pleasant meal of spaghetti with meatballs, green beans, garlic bread, and a glass of wine. Having wine with the meal added a lot. It added a more relaxed atmosphere. It added a romantic touch. It made an ordinary meal special.

What Are Your Favorite Frugal Dinners?

I bet you have some "go-to" dinner menus that you rely on when you want an easy to fix, thrifty meal. How about sharing some of your favorites?

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