Frugal Cooking – Thrifty Tricks and Techniques To Stretch Your Grocery Dollars

Frugal cooking can really stretch your grocery dollar and save you money. It's more than making use of inexpensive foods. It's a cooking and shopping style.

It's being thrifty when shopping and when cooking. It's using techniques that make cheap foods taste good. It's using spices and seasonings to take foods from blah to bracing. And, it's using what you have, without wasting food.

What's more, on these pages, frugal cooking is easy and practical.

Chicken Breasts – Cook Up a Batch For Frugal Convenience Food Chicken breasts are one of those foods that look expensive at first glance, but are actually thrifty. Buy a family size bag of them and cook them all up at once. And there you have convenience food!

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