Frugal Breakfasts: Thrifty Morning Meals to Start Your Day

Frugal breakfasts! Fix a thrifty breakfast that won't break the budget. Some inexpensive breakfast meals use traditional breakfast foods. Others are less conventional things to eat in the morning.

What Are Your Favorite Frugal Breakfasts?

I bet you have some "go-to" breakfast menus that you rely on when you want an easy to fix, thrifty meal. How about sharing some of your favorites?

Thrifty Breakfasts

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Turkey Bacon for Thrifty Breakfast 
Turkey bacon. Hmmm. In our local grocery store, turkey bacon is about half the price of ordinary bacon. And, this particular package was on a Manager's …

Bologna, Eggs, and Hash Browns Breakfast 
Bologna is a tasty and inexpensive breakfast meat. We sometimes have it instead of bacon, ham, or sausage. Here, we have it with the traditional breakfast, …

Steamed Rice, Eggs, and Italian Sausage Breakfast 
Steamed rice, grilled Italian sausage, scrambled eggs, toast, milk, and oranges for our frugal breakfast this morning. Even at full prices, it would have …

Fried Apples - Taste Like Caramel Apples! 
Fried apples, caramelized with a drizzle of pancake syrup and a little butter. Yum! My husband likes something sweet for breakfast. These fried apples …

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