Friday Freebies and Canned Soup - Day 6

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(An Unexpected Trip to the Dentist)

Canned Potato and Ham Chowder

Canned Potato and Ham Chowder

An emergency trip to the dentist this morning put an unexpected wrinkle in our day. Plans to make today's meals from Easter dinner leftovers got pushed aside.

Breakfast for Bob was coffee and a bar of some sort. I'm not sure exactly what it was. Some sort of a power bar, energy bar, meal replacement bar, protein bar, or gussied-up granola bar.

Our local Fred Meyer grocery store usually has a Friday freebie online coupon. It's an e-coupon that loads onto our store loyalty reward card. It can only be downloaded on Friday, and it is only good for two weeks. The free item varies. It is often a specialty beverage or one of the above mentioned bars. We shop there anyway, so we pick up the free item. Free is about as frugal as it comes!

Canned soups are made for days like today. Chunky potato and ham chowder, paired with a ham sandwich makes a reasonable meal. Bob fixed it and served himself. I think he had a handful of dried cherries with it. He probably had a glass of milk. But, to be honest, I wasn't paying a lot of attention.

Later in the day, we each had a dish of rice pilaf with cheese melted into it. I was hungry. Macaroni and cheese sounded good. We don't have boxed, canned, frozen, or those ready-to-eat little cups of mac and cheese. I didn't have the gumption to make it from scratch. I didn't want Bob to bother making it. The rice pilaf was handy in the fridge from yesterday. It was easy to add some cheese and heat it. I managed to eat it with my sore mouth.

Snacks: Bob had popcorn and a Snickers Easter egg. And another one of those Friday freebie bars. The candy was also from a Fred Meyer Friday freebie coupon.

I hope to feel better tomorrow. We'll get at those Easter leftovers!


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