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(Fresh Herbs to Garnish Today's Lunch)

The Chives Are Growing!

The Chives Are Growing!

Fresh chives! Fresh garden produce! When we started this "No grocery shopping for a month" experiment, I hadn't thought about gardening. But, during the past week or so, my chives have started to grow. I snipped a few little pieces off and used them to garnish today's lunch. Does that qualify as having a fresh vegetable? That's too much of a stretch, I agree. But, it was great to have at least a little something fresh.

Gardening isn't my thing. I'm not one to spend hours preparing the soil, carefully planting, and joyfully tending to it all summer long. And then having to deal with the harvest when it is at it's peak.

Chives are more my style. Plant them once. Leave them alone. Snip them off the greens when I want to use them. They grow back. If they bolt and flower, the flowers are very pretty. The buds and flowers are edible, too. When fall comes, I cut the plant back to the soil. These cuttings get dried or frozen for later use.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with bologna, kidney beans, hash brown potato patty, mixed fruit, the last little bit of yesterday's donut bake, toast, milk, and coffee.

Eggs and bologna is a take off from eggs and ham. I had a couple slices left in the fridge from when we had bologna sandwiches for lunch. This was a good way to use them up.

Canned chili is on the lunch menu. We like to add more beans to it. So, we had kidney beans as our breakfast beans. The leftover beans and the liquid from the bean can will go into the chili for lunch. One can of chili is skimpy for us, but with the extra beans, it is the right amount.

Lunch: Chili dogs, topped with shredded cheese and chopped onion, garnished with fresh chives, served with dill pickles, apple sauce, and milk.

We didn't have hot-dog buns for the chili dogs. I toasted whole-grain bread and used that instead. It is a healthier option, anyway.

Snacks: Brownies and milk, dates, hot tea. When we see brownies on sale at the grocery store, we get them. (Well, before this challenge started, we did.) We freeze them. They are so handy when we want a sweet snack. We like them frozen -- no need to thaw.

Let's see what we come up with tomorrow.


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