Family Dollar Savings

Know Your Prices!
(Save by Shopping at the Dollar Stores)

We saved a bunch on groceries yesterday, by shopping at Family Dollar. Some of the items were on our shopping list. Others were staples that we stock up on when we find them at better-than-good prices. On this shopping trip, the savings were on dairy products, eggs, and canned vegetables.

Milk here is considerably cheaper at the Family Dollar than at the local mercantile. When I say “considerably,” I mean we saved more than a dollar and a half per gallon! We drink about three gallons of milk a week, so that’s a savings of over $5.00.

They didn’t have whipping cream, so we got half-and-half. It’s not the same, of course. But it’s close enough for use in coffee, especially when a I can get it for about a quarter of the price of cream.

Eggs and bread were cheaper, at Family Dollar than at the local mercantile, also.

Family Dollar also has some great special sales.

When some stores have canned vegetables on sale, it is often limited to corn and green beans. But the canned vegetable sale at the Family Dollar here included beets, potatoes, sauerkraut, whole kernel and creamed style corn, peas, mixed vegetables, and assorted beans. We had to buy two cans of the same kind to get the sale price, something we usually do, anyway. These were the store brand, but being frugal shoppers, that’s what we usually buy.

Yours in thriftiness,

P.S. There was no extra driving, either. The stores are located close to each other, both on the main street. So, it’s not like we spent a bunch on gas to get these deals.

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