Enchilada Salad Plate –
Frugal, Tasty, Healthy, and Easy

Enchilada Salad Plate started with one of those bagged, ready to eat salad kits. We made the most of it by adding some Mexican restaurant dinner leftovers. Frugal to the core! And super healthy.

This dinner started with a bagged salad kit. You know the ones. They come with a mix of lettuces and salad vegetables, plus salad dressing and toppings, so you have a meal in a bag. Beside the mixed greens, this one came with a little bag of grated cheese, a little bag of mixed yellow and blue corn chip strips, a pouch of salsa, and a pouch of a creamy salsa salad dressing. (It may have been sour cream salsa dressing, I don't remember.)

We bought the kit on sale for $1.25. I usually don't mention specific prices because food prices vary so much from one region to the next. We're in Alaska, known for high grocery prices, so most times, I figure you are paying less than I am. But really, this was downright cheap for anywhere in the USA. Priced per pound, it may all have been expensive. But, here's a case where you need to look at price per meal. This could have been a complete meal for two. The total cost would have been less than 63 cents per meal!

This is convenience at its best. Divide the salad ingredients out onto two plates and dinner is ready! How easy is that? No cooking required. Clean up is a breeze. And, it's healthy.

Back to the enchilada salad plate meal…. We'd gone out to a Mexican restaurant for my birthday dinner the night before (yes, we used a buy-one-get-one-free coupon). We brought home leftover refried beans, Mexican rice, and some pork carnitas, along with two flour tortillas. I nuked them in the take-out tray and served them on the plate alongside the bagged salad. The leftovers were just enough to add some extra substance. And, since it is winter in Alaska, it was nice to have something hot. There really weren't enough leftovers to make them into a meal of their own. But, they were a perfect addition to the enchilada salad.

I served this with mugs of cold milk.

This meal was super thrifty. It tasted good. It was good for us with raw vegetables, salsa, and beans. It used up small amounts of leftovers. It was easy to fix. Enchilada Salad Plate scored high on all accounts!

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