Easter Dinner - Day 5

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(Pretty Close to the Traditional Easter Feast)

Easter Brunch - Bagels with Salmon Spread, Bacon

Easter Brunch - Bagels with Salmon Spread, Bacon

Happy Easter! Easter dinner with no grocery shopping.... Like many people, we usually buy at least a few extras for a holiday. Not this one. We stayed with the "No Food Shopping for a Month Challenge" and ate foods we already had in the house.

Easter breakfast (brunch): Smoked salmon and cream cheese spread on toasted bagels, with black olives and sweet yellow peppers, bacon, milk, and coffee. The salmon was home canned, Kenai River wild red Sockeye, one of the benefits of living in Alaska.

Easter dinner: Ham, rice pilaf, scalloped corn, black olives, orange Jello, red wine, and milk. When preparing and serving this meal, it seemed like there should have been more. Eating it, it seemed just fine.

I usually do a relish tray with an assortment of olives, pickles, raw vegetables, meats, and cheeses. Pastrami roll-ups, with a horseradish and cream cheese filling, are the star of the tray. We didn't have the thin-sliced pastrami. We didn't have the fresh broccoli, cauliflower, celery, and carrots, either. And, the only olives we had were the sliced black ones. So, I skipped it this year.

The rice pilaf was homemade. I used a mix of wild rice, red rice, and white rice, along with some dried mixed vegetables. The wild rice was a Christmas gift from the year before last. The red rice we bought on clearance after the Christmas holidays, also the year before last. I hadn't used them because I have open shelving in my kitchen and they looked nice on the shelf. but, really, it is time to eat them.

Orange Jello. Oh, dear. This was a huge box of it. I should only have made half a box. But, who makes half a box of Jello? I can't remember the last time I bought Jello. This box came from friends who were moving and gave us groceries they didn't want to take with them. That was several years ago. It takes something like this, a month of no grocery shopping, to inspire me to make Jello. And, I think for some families, Jello is actually a traditional part of their Easter dinner.

Snacks: Brownies and milk.

With today's cooking, I have meals for the rest of the week well under way. The leftover salmon spread went into the freezer. So did most of the rice pilaf. It crossed my mind to freeze the remaining Easter Jello, but I didn't.

Let's see what we find for tomorrow.


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