Cupboard Cleaning Curry - Day 18

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(An Odd Assortment: Coconut Milk, Hominy, Canned Carrots)

Lunch - Home-made Chicken Curry

Lunch - Home-made Chicken Curry

We had one-of-a-kind curry today. I'm sure it wasn't the least bit authentic. Yes, I have an entire cookbook of curry recipes. No, I did not use it.

This was cupboard cleaning curry. I wanted to use canned goods that I already had; specifically, things that I've had too long. That included a can of coconut milk, canned hominy, and canned carrots. We had chicken left from yesterday. A few spices added to the pot, and walla! Curry.

Breakfast: Home-made burritos, milk, and coffee. It was errand day in town. We wanted something that we could eat out of hand, without needing to dirty dishes.

I pulled the burritos from the freezer. It is so convenient to have them made up ahead of time for quick and easy meals. There's no need to thaw first. I put the frozen burrito in the microwave to heat for a minute or so and it is ready.

I do not use a burrito recipe. What I use for filling depends on what is convenient. The style of tortilla depends on what was on sale. When using the gordita tortillas, it works better to fold them in half, rather than to roll them.

We each had a bean and cheese gordita today, along with a rolled burrito. The filling for the rolled burritos was a mix of rice, mashed kidney beans, crisp fried bacon,

and cheese.

Lunch: Home-made chicken curry with crispy chow-mein noodles, garnished with chunky peanut butter, plus corn tortillas, and milk.

We normally have rice with curry. However, I basically forgot to cook it earlier in the day. We didn't have any in the freezer. I didn't want to take time to do it right before lunch.

The half-full jar of chow-mein noodles was sitting there in plain view. It seemed a logical substitute. It was okay. I think I will remember to cook rice to go with the leftover curry we're having tomorrow.

Not sure what I am going to do with the rest of the coconut milk. I only used about a quarter of the can. Maybe I'll make more curry. It would also be good in smoothies, I think. I wonder if it would be good in coffee, in place of cream? Hmmm, may have to try that.

Note on canned hominy: It seems it is often on sale -- cheap. I know it is traditionally used in menudo, but that's one dish neither Bob or I like. So, I use it in soups and stews where I would normally use potatoes. It takes on the flavors in which it is cooked. In this case, it absorbed the curry flavor.

Snacks: Dried cherries, hot chocolate, beef jerky, and cranberry grape juice.

Let's see what we come up with tomorrow.


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