Cottage Cheese Pasta Bake - Day 24

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(Pickled Beets and Beet Pickles)

Cottage Cheese Past Bake, Beets, Green Beans

Cottage Cheese Past Bake, Beets, Green Beans

Cottage cheese pasta bake is sort of like lasagna without the meat and spaghetti sauce. Once cottage cheese is opened, it goes bad quickly. So, I needed to come up with something today that would use the cottage cheese that I opened yesterday. It turned into this pasta bake. It wasn't a recipe. It was cottage cheese, an egg, and some seasonings stirred together, then layered with cooked pasta, and microwaved until heated through.

I seldom use recipes for main dish items. Oh, I have cookbooks. And, cooking magazines. And, yes, I know I can Google most any recipe. I enjoy reading them and I use them for inspiration. It's good to see new combinations of foods. It's good to be reminded of things we haven't had for a long time. But, I seldom follow a recipe.

I've had people ask if I'm not afraid of wasting food when I don't use recipes. Nope. Most of the time, the results are very good. Sometimes, the dish turns out okay, but not something I'd try to do again. And, yes, once in a while something flops. But, we save so much by using up leftovers and odds and ends that we. Even if some occasionally gets chucked -- and that almost never happens -- we're still coming out way ahead. It is frugal for us. I also enjoy the creative part of it.

Breakfast: Refried black bean and cheese gorditas, golden raisins, and milk.

Lunch: Cottage cheese pasta bake, French-cut green beans, pickled beets, toast, and milk.

Snacks: Coffee and donuts, grapefruit juice, and hot tea.

Note on pickled beets: These pickled beets came in a can. They were with the canned peas, beans, corn, and other vegetables at the grocery store. They weren't the spicy picked beets that come in jars, and that you find in the pickle aisle. I'm not sure if that is regional or something new. These were only very lightly pickled. We ate them as a hot vegetable, not as a pickle. We sometimes sprinkle a little vinegar on beets right before we eat them. That's how these beets tasted. Perhaps these in the can are pickled beets, and those in the jars are beet pickles.

Let's see what we can come up with tomorrow, for Day 25 of the no grocery shopping challenge.


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