Cleaning the Fridge Inspired Today's Frugal Meals

Another Day of Easy, Thrifty Meals
(Burritos and Vegetable Beef Soup)

Frugal Vegetable Beef Soup

Frugal Vegetable Beef Soup

It’s clean out the fridge and defrost the freezer day. So, burritos for lunch and vegetable beef soup for supper. Burritos and soup have got to be some of the thriftiest and most versatile meals out there.

Today’s Frugal Lunch

Burritos! A couple days ago, we had sliced pork simmered in a mix of tomatoes, onions, celery, and green peppers. It was seasoned with French herbs—herbs de provence—and served over rice. When we had the leftover rice yesterday. There was also a little whole kernel corn left over, yesterday. Not wanting to dirty another container, the corn went in with the rice.

So, today’s lunch burritos were the pork and vegetable mixture and the corn and rice mix on soft flour tortillas. We topped them with shredded cheese, chopped raw onion, and salsa. The cheese was the last of the shredded that was sale before Thanksgiving.

The shredded cheese is sure handy. But, we don’t buy it unless it is on sale for less than blocks of cheese. It’s so easy to grate cheese myself, I just can’t see paying extra to buy it already grated.

Today’s Frugal Foods Supper

Vegetable beef soup! It’s an overcast, cool, rainy day. That’s perfect weather for soup. Which worked out great with the clean the fridge plan. I had a container of celery leaves and not-so-pretty pieces from when I prepped celery sticks. We also had cabbage, carrots, onions, and potatoes,

so those went into the soup, too.

A few months back, Dollar General had cans of cooked beef crumbles on clearance for only 75 cents a can. I dumped in one of those for the meat. It’s not as flavorful as browning up a nice batch of beef stew meat. But, the price was right! And, it was convenient.

I seasoned the soup with a couple generous spoonfuls of my home-made seasoning mix. I can’t tell you what all was in the seasoning mix. It’s an ever changing mix. What goes in it depends on part on how I feel and in part on what’s in my herb and spice drawer. I’m pretty sure it had onion, garlic, and black pepper. I think this batch also had tarragon, basil, thyme, and rosemary.

The soup simply went into my CrockPot to slowly cook all day. The aroma of a pot of cooking soup sure makes the motorhome feel cozy on a day like today. We’ll have it with crisp crackers and cold milk. There should be enough left for another easy meal over the weekend.


Another of my tasks today was to prep green bell peppers. The curved tops and bottoms go into one container. The neat, straight pieces go into another. The odd shaped pieces will end up in a stir-fry or casserole. We’ll eat the straight pieces similar to celery and carrot sticks.

Yours in thriftiness,

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