Christmas Leftovers

Making Sure Nothing Gets Wasted
(The Frugal Part of Christmas Dinner is Eating Leftovers)

Egg Salad Spread for Christmas

Egg Salad Spread for Christmas

It’s the day after Christmas and we are having leftovers. We normally cook extra, so there is enough for at least a second meal. We don’t consider those leftovers. But, the holidays produce leftovers.

Christmas dinner at our house is usually an ongoing array of snacks, hour devours, and goodies. The mainstays of today’s lunch were deviled eggs, pate, crab spread, cocktail shrimp, and beef roll-ups with horseradish cream cheese. I didn’t intentionally make extras of things. None of them keep more than a couple of days, so they needed to be worked into our meal plans right away.

The ham, vegetables, olives and pickles, chips and crackers, cookies, and various other Christmas dinner foods can easily be used later. We’ll enjoy them during the coming days and weeks.

Actually, we enjoyed today’s leftovers, too.

Yours in thriftiness,


Our Christmas dinner wasn’t particularly cheap. However, eating the Christmas leftovers and making sure none of it goes to waste satisfies my frugal side.

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