Chicken Melt Sandwiches: Frugal Leftover Chicken, Gooey with Cheese

Chicken Melt Sandwiches were the mainstay of today's frugal lunch. Grilled and gooey with cheese, they didn't taste frugal or like leftovers. This whole menu was cheap and easy – and good!

I had a couple chicken planks left from another day. These are boneless, skinless, non-breaded pieces of chicken breast. I had sautéed for another meal. There wasn't quite enough left for two sandwiches.

So, I sliced them across into small strips. I sauteed these small pieces again in a bit of vegetable oil. As they were browning, I added half of a chopped up onion. When the onion was mostly cooked (transparent), I pushed it all to one side of the pan.

I then added two slices of bread to the pan and scooped the chicken and onion mixture on top of them. I added a thin layer of cheese over that. I think it was a mild cheddar – whatever was in the fridge. I then topped them with another slice of bread.

By this time, the bottom of the first two slices was grilled a golden brown, so I flipped the sandwiches over. So that they wouldn't fall apart, I pressed on the top breads with the pancake turner flipper. This helped the melted cheese ooze into the onion and chicken a bit, so the filling stayed together.

I used basic white home-made bread because that's what we had. But, these chicken melt sandwiches would have been excellent made with rye bread.

I tend to like things spicy, so I used Inferno Sauce on mine. It is a hot salsa from Watkins, about the consistency of ketchup. Bob dipped his in BBQ sauce.

Cottage cheese, grapefruit, and milk rounded out the menu.

We had part of a container of cottage cheese in the fridge. I bought this near the expiration date (for a reduced price, naturally). So, once opened, we needed to finish it soon.

Grapefruit were on sale last week. Bob had butchered some of them and they were ready to eat. If you aren't familiar with butchering grapefruit, it is the process of removing the peel and white pith, and then cutting the fruit from the sections. Bob has this mastered, where he slips the knife blade along the underside of a grapefruit section, loosening from the membrane that holds it in. He then does the top side and the segment of fruit comes out in a perfect section.

So there you have today's frugal lunch – chicken melt sandwiches, cottage, cheese, grapefruit sections, and mugs of cold milk.

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