Bologna, Eggs, and Hash Browns Breakfast

Coleen - the Frugal Food Editor
(Sliced Bologna Subs in for Bacon or Sausage)

Frugal Breakfast with Bologna, Eggs, and Potatoes

Frugal Breakfast with Bologna, Eggs, and Potatoes

Bologna is a tasty and inexpensive breakfast meat. We sometimes have it instead of bacon, ham, or sausage. Here, we have it with the traditional breakfast, with fried eggs, hash brown potatoes, toast, and fruit.

The bologna I'm talking about here is the ordinary, sliced sandwich meat. You know, such as Oscar Meyer bologna cold cuts. But, instead of eating it cold, we fry it for breakfast. I brown it in the frying pan, the same pan that I use for the eggs and potatoes.

If you make little cuts into the outside of the pieces, it will stay flat as it cooks. Otherwise, it will curl up into a cup shape. I stack all the slices together. Then, just go around the edge of the slices and cut in about a quarter to a half an inch deep, at about one-inch intervals. I like to cut the bologna slices in half before I cook them.

Bologna is inexpensive most of the time, especially the store brand. It freezes well. So, when it is on sale at a great price, I stock up and freeze it for later.

Besides the bologna, eggs, and potatoes, I usually serve this frugal breakfast with toast, fruit, milk, and coffee.

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