Beans for Breakfast, Store-Bought White Bread, and Frozen Jello - Day 7

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(Ending Week 1 of the No Grocery Shopping for a Month Challenge )

Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs, Chili Beans, Tortillas, Apricots

Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs, Chili Beans, Tortillas, Apricots

Eggs, beans, tortillas, fruit, and milk. It's a standard breakfast for us. Today, the eggs are scrambled. The beans, from a can, are in a mild (though the label indicates "hot") chili sauce. The fruit is dried apricots.

You may have noticed we eat a lot of beans. For breakfast. It's something we picked up on our travels to Texas. Beans are a good source of vegetable protein. They contain a host of vitamins and other nutrients. They're high in fiber. They're cheap. We like them. When we eat beans for breakfast, we stay satisfied until our late lunch.

Lunch today is roast beef and gravy, potatoes, scalloped corn, toast, Jello, and milk. The meat and gravy is from a can. It was a discontinued item and clearance-priced a few months back. When I cooked the ham on Sunday, I filled up the extra space in the Crock-Pot with halved potatoes. The corn was left from Easter dinner, too, as was the Jello.

You'll notice the toast is made from store-bought white bread. It's not something we normally buy. Our local thrift bakery sometimes gives a free product with a purchase. I'm guessing that's how we ended up with it. Eating it makes me all the more appreciative of the home-made bread Bob makes. I'm not sure what we're going to do with the rest of this loaf. I don't like to throw out food.

Snacks: Coffee and donuts, and grapefruit sections.

What happens to Jello if you freeze it? I stick all sorts of foods in the freezer that "experts" tell me I can't freeze. And, they thaw and taste just fine. (Eggs, potatoes, cream cheese, cream, pasta, gravy -- even lettuce and celery, freeze fine if they'll be used in something cooked.) I don't, however, think I have every tried freezing Jello. That is before today. We'll give it a few days, as I'm due for a break from Jello. Then, we'll thaw it and see how it is. If all else fails, it should be good in a smoothie, I would think.

I just realized this is the end of the first week of this no grocery shopping for a month challenge. It went quickly.

Let's see what we come up with tomorrow.


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