After Christmas Grocery Deals

Thrifty Savings on Baking Supplies and Pantry Staples
(Get Reduced Prices on Store Holiday Overstocks)

Cranberry Sauce -- An After Christmas Bargain

Cranberry Sauce -- An After Christmas Bargain

We often find frugal foods the days immediately following Christmas. Candy, cookies, baking supplies, and holiday foods can be fifty percent or more off the regular grocery prices. We’ve scored everything from canned cranberry sauce to eggnog to baking chips.

After Christmas Frugal Foods Shopping

We hit Family Dollar yesterday, for milk and eggs. We succumbed to a few after Christmas mark-downs. I’m not sure if that was a good thing or not. We got a box of chocolate covered thin mints, a bag of candy-and-sprinkles coated pretzels, and a bag of hard candy. On the half-price clearance sale, all three were inexpensive. But, did we really need more candy….

The first thing I noticed when we walked in the store were the end displays of food for holiday meals. Cans of green beans, mushroom soup, and evaporated milk. Boxes of stuffing mix, cake mix, and assorted crackers. Bags of marshmallows, chocolate chips, and nuts. Shelf upon shelf of ingredients used to make classic Christmas meals and treats. We weren’t there to stock up, and they didn’t have prices on things. So this is a catch-22. It could be these leftover foods were all on sale at greatly reduced prices. It could also mean they were on prominent displays in hopes people would just buy them, taking for granted they

were on sale.

We didn’t want to stock up on groceries, and we certainly didn’t need any more sweets. So, we didn’t check at other stores selling food this year.

However, in years past we’ve gotten great deals. Years back, we got one-pond boxes of brown sugar for a mere twelve cents a box. Last year, canned cranberry sauce was 90 percent off—I still have some left. After Christmas is usually when I buy such things as minced meat, eggnog, and chocolate chips.

What really makes it fun is when the mark-downs are marked down more than the stickered price. That was the case with the canned frosting in the photo—it was marked $1.00 per can, but rang up as only 34 cents. Of course, we went back and got more! It was two years ago. The can in the picture is the last of it, which will likely get used during the coming few weeks.

While we didn’t do a lot of thrifty food shopping this year after Christmas, the deals are out there. By now, the selection is picked over some. But, what’s left could be drastically reduced in price.

Yours in thriftiness,

P.S. We’re looking at doing the “no grocery shopping” thing for the month of January. It’s time to clean-up and clean-out the accumulated food supplies.

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