Add an Ingredient and Tada! a New Dish - Day 25

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(Pasta Sauce Used to Be Spaghetti Sauce)

Lunch - Cheesy Mac and Sauce and Mixed Vegetables

Lunch - Cheesy Mac and Sauce and Mixed Vegetables

A simple change or two is all it takes to turn one meal into the base of the next. We don't have a problem with leftovers. But, if you do, this is one way around it. Add an ingredient and tada! something new.

Today's cheesy mac with spaghetti sauce was really yesterday's cottage cheese pasta bake. But, it didn't look the same. It didn't have the same texture. It didn't taste the same. Yesterday's dish was baked until the cheese on top had started to brown. The spaghetti sauce that we added today, before reheating in the microwave, made it moist

Breakfast: Refried bean and cheese burritos, dried apricots, and milk.

Lunch: Cheesy mac with spaghetti sauce, three-vegetable mix, whole grain toast, and milk.

The vegetable mix included broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. One bag of frozen vegetables is too much for us for one meal. But, it's not enough for two meals. I save the extra and later combine them to make mixed vegetables. These three are what was in the freezer today. With a pat of real butter and a little seasoning salt, this mix was every bit as tasty as the fancy blends from the grocery store. And, it certainly is frugal!

Snacks: Donuts and coffee.

Note on the spaghetti sauce: Remember the reason for this no grocery shopping challenge was to clear out, clean up, and use what we have? Well, the tomato based sauce that I used on the casserole today is a good example of why we need to do this. The sauce was labeled "Spaghetti Sauce." Do you know how many years ago they changed it from "Spaghetti Sauce" to "Pasta Sauce" on the label? The reason we have a stockpile of canned spaghetti sauce is that when they were making that label change, the store did a clearance special to get rid of their old-label inventory. We paid less for these big cans of spaghetti sauce than the regular price of a small can of tomato sauce.

Let's see what we can come up with tomorrow, for Day 25 of the no grocery shopping challenge.


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