A Kitchen Challenge from My Husband - Day 20

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(Donut Pudding - Signs of Creativity in the Kitchen)

Breakfst - Donut Pudding with Raisins

Breakfst - Donut Pudding with Raisins

You want to do what? It was bad enough when yesterday in the grocery store I got the evil eye from my loving husband for just thinking about buying some zucchini that were deeply discounted. I didn't even say I'd like to get them. Or ask if we could. But he knew.

Today, he sends me the following email that he'd like me to share with you:

"The all knowing government of the United States of America says to have three days of food in your homes for emergencies. We've got some food stashed for emergencies that we won't touch, but Coleen and I have been trying to go 30 days with what we have without buying more, (except milk). It's Day 20.

So far we've been doing pretty well. We're out of fresh fruit, about out of produce, and I miss them, the fruit especially. It's nice to have potatoes, but we have rice, and a lot of canned hominy, so we'll be okay for starches. We had just gotten onions before we decided on this adventure, but when they're gone we'll be using dried ones to cook with, and without, for use as fresh. Otherwise I haven't noticed too many problems.

Coleen can get very, very, creative in the kitchen. I was really looking forward to it, but she hasn't had to use her talents, yet. We don't seem to be deprived or lacking.

If Coleen agrees, I think we should extend this "No Grocery Shopping Challenge" to 45 days. Right now, the biggest challenge is when we are in the store to get milk and see a marked down, or discontinued product that we can't get. Both Coleen and I really enjoy a good grocery deal. Walking past one just tugs at our heart strings. I know we both can resist, but if we go 45 days,

it will be a much bigger challenge, both in the store and in the kitchen."

That was Bob's email to me. He wants to extend this 30 days of not shopping for groceries to 45 days! Okay, we can do that. And that comment about my talents for being "very, very, creative in the kitchen" ... was that a compliment? He may just get to see creative!

Breakfast: Donut pudding, chicken sausage patties, canned Mandarin oranges, milk and coffee.

Lunch: Curry with rice, dried cherries, and milk. The curry is the homemade chicken curry with hominy and carrots that we first had on Saturday. Yesterday afternoon, I cooked rice, so we'd have it ready. The curry was much better with rice than with chow mein noodles. Another thing we noticed about the curry is that it was spicier tasting today than it was on Saturday. Both the red pepper and the curry flavor were more pronounced today.

Snacks: Turkey jerky, and cranberry grape juice.

Note on the donut pudding: Donut pudding is akin to bread pudding. However, it is made with donuts instead of bread. We had glazed cake donuts that had been in the freezer too long. I also substituted eggnog for the milk that normally goes in bread pudding. The eggnog was bought on short-date, over the Christmas holidays. I had a glass of it, and then portioned the remainder of it out and froze it. Because the donuts and eggnog are already so sweet, I omitted the sugar called for in the bread pudding recipe. We like raisins and walnuts in our bread pudding. We're out of Walnuts, but we still had raisins!

Perhaps my loving husband is starting to see some of my kitchen creativity. Do you suppose he should have had breakfast before he sent that email?

Let's see what we come up with tomorrow.


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