A Busy Day: Handheld Breakfast and Slow Cooker Soup - Day 10

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(Lots of Leftovers and a Couple of Canned Items)

Breakfast - Handheld Chli and Potato Burritos

Breakfast - Handheld Chli and Potato Burritos

Breakfast was on the go today: chili con carne, cheese, and potato burritos. I dumped a can of chili into a microwave safe dish, and then stirred in the potatoes. The potatoes were the already fried ones left from yesterday's breakfast. I microwaved it until hot, and then spooned the mixture onto flour tortillas. I topped the beans and potato filling with cheddar cheese, along with some hot sauce. I then folded and rolled them, and nuked again until I saw the cheese starting to ooze out the end. Bob and I normally eat together, sitting at the table. We ate this handheld breakfast while coming and going, doing other things.

Today's lunch was homemade soup, toasted bagels, canned mixed fruit, and milk.

Canned mixed fruit like this used to be called "fruit cocktail." I don't know when they changed the name. It was the same familiar stuff from childhood -- diced peaches, diced pairs, grapes, and the obligatory cherry.

I'd be lost without my Crock-Pot. Yesterday, I took an assortment of Tupperware containers out of the freezer to thaw for today's soup. This morning, I emptied them into the slow cooker and added some Mexican seasoning. The result was delicious! Ingredients in this batch of soup included mixed beans, cabbage and carrot coleslaw mix, tomatoes, rice, and ham. I like to turn the Crock-Pot to "High" until the soup comes to a good boil. Then, it gets turned down to "Low" where it simmers until we are ready for it. My Crock-Pot is a blessing any day, but especially on busy days.

Note on the beans: When we have canned beans, a can is too much for us to eat at one meal. But, usually not by much. So, I put any that are left in the bean container. I keep it in the freezer, and add to it until it is full or until I want mixed beans for something.

Note on the cabbage and carrot coleslaw mix: This is the bagged, ready to use for slaw shredded cabbage with a few bits of carrot in it. We buy it when it is short-dated and marked down to half price. That makes it cheaper here than buying whole heads of cabbage. If I don't think we are going to eat the entire bag before it goes bad, I freeze what's left. Freezing it changes the texture, so it is no longer good for coleslaw. But, it works fine in into soup.

Snack: Donuts and milk, turkey jerky, and raisins.

Let's see what we come up with tomorrow.


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