Frugal Foods: Thrifty Cooking to Eat Well without Breaking the Grocery Budget

Frugal Foods ... gives you easy to fix, inexpensive (cheap) meal ideas, money saving menus, and advice on cooking and cutting food costs. You can be thrifty and spend less on groceries, and still eat well and enjoy it.

Let's get this straight right from the beginning.... We're practical around here.

What you'll find on the following pages are true-to-life menus, the way we actually eat. We're real people. Just like you, our days are filled with work, family obligations, and interruptions.

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We don't have endless hours to cook. We don't have a fancy test kitchen. We don't have a registered dietician check each meal to see that they are in perfect sync with the latest food police strategy. And, we don't have endless amounts of money to spend on food.

Like everyone else, we're acutely aware of rising food costs. We currently live in Alaska, a state known for its high cost of living. We know what it's like to look at something in the grocery store – and then put it back because it costs more than we're willing to pay. Just like you, we feel the pinch when we go grocery shopping.

Our family loves to eat! We enjoy a home cooked, made from scratch meal, like I grew up cooking and eating on our Minnesota farm. We like the speed and ease of convenience foods. We like to eat out for the social experience, the service, and because we get foods at restaurants that we don't get at home. We don't like to skimp on quantity or quality - or taste.

So... what do we do? We've found a lot of ways to eat frugally. I'm thrifty by nature. I actually find it fun to figure out how to dine on a dime. I get a cheap thrill from turning out a gourmet tasting meal that's easy to make and costs very little.

And, on this Frugal Foods website, I share with you cooking and cost cutting tips so that you, too, can stay within your food budget and eat well – without spending all day in the kitchen.

Joy and prosperity,

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